3D Floral Cakes

We're all about simple bakes that taste delicious. But, sometimes, we know you need a little extra special something.

So here's introducing our Flower Cake. Each cake is personally designed to suit your individual taste, with every cake featuring a unique and gorgeous edible floral arrangement fit for any occasion. Pick from an array of colour combinations and flavours, and we'll create a custom cake just for you.

Standard advance notice of 2 weeks for custom cakes. 

For price enquiry, simply fill in the form below.

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Date of Collection
All our custom cakes are single-tier, triple-layer. For multiple-tier cakes, please contact us directly at justjulia.homebakes@gmail.com.
Up to three colours for flowers



Your favourite tart, all wrapped up in a cake. A buttery, nutty, brown butter cake speckled with vanilla bean, layered with a fluffy roasted sugar marshmallow meringue and our homemade lemon curd.

Cake: Brown Butter Vanilla

Fillings: Roasted sugar marshmallow meringue, homemade lemon curd

Frosting: Vanilla Whipped Buttercream


Blueberry Lemon CAKE

If it’s got fruits in it, it definitely qualifies as breakfast right?

Blueberry studded cake, scented with a generous helping of lemon zest, layered with roasted blueberries and finished with a light lemon vanilla buttercream.

Cake: Blueberry Lemon

Filling: Roasted blueberries

Frosting: Lemon Whipped Buttercream / Vanilla Whipped Buttercream



What's a bakery without a signature chocolate cake?
We took our time with this one to find the perfect recipe, and it was definitely worth it. Slightly fudge-y with a rich chocolate taste, this one definitely hits the spot. It's the one that has you reaching for another bite over and over again.

Cake: Dark Chocolate

Filling: Dark Chocolate Whipped Buttercream, Dark Chocolate Ganache / Salted Caramel

Frosting: Dark Chocolate Whipped Buttercream












Is it possible for a cake to taste like snuggling under a cozy blanket on a rainy day?  We like to think that Just Julia’s signature Carrot Cake does exactly that.

A moist cake studded with roasted walnuts that provide a little crunch, this cake is comfort food that never fails to appeal to everyone. This signature cake is complemented with a light cream cheese icing with a hint of lemon – one that the baker herself experimented with to create the perfect blend.

Cake: Carrot

Filling and Frosting: Vanilla Lemon Whipped Cream Cheese